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Rene M. Paccha, SEO

You may have heard of translations of expressions that sound funny in English. Or vice versa, maybe you've tried to speak a few inert words in a foreign language, and suddenly everyone is up in arms! SEO is similar, in that it's meaning is uniquely affected based on who and where that target language is written.

I began to think about spanish SEO while training as a court interpreter in Chicago. I learned that, if you stay true to the meaning of the search term, as if it had been said in English, then the marketing impact will likely be the same.

I began to approach language localization over a two-year timespan in the Chicago tech show space. Collaborating on a weekly basis, I was answering coding questions one-on-one, with the architects of prominent civic apps, such as, working to get to a wider audience.

I leverage data to provide dynamically-applicable recommendations. I will tailor a solution to fit the unique needs of your legal practice and make sure that clients are finding your services in English and in Spanish. The first step is to schedule a free phone consultation. Don't wait. Use the contact link to reach out and start taking advantage of the SEO optimization process.

Marketing optimization at work

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