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Rene M. Paccha, SEO

You may have heard of translations of expressions that sound funny in English. Or vice versa, maybe you've tried to speak a few inert words in a foreign language, and suddenly everyone is up in arms! SEO is similar, in that it's meaning is uniquely affected based on who and where that target language is written.

I began to think about spanish SEO while training as a court interpreter in Chicago. I learned that, if you stay true to the meaning of the search term, as if it had been said in English, then the marketing impact will likely be the same.

I began to approach language localization over a two-year timespan in the Chicago tech show space. Collaborating on a weekly basis, I was answering coding questions one-on-one, with the architects of prominent civic apps working to get to a wider audience.

I leverage data to provide dynamically-applicable recommendations. It can be a great advantage to rely on the same SEO expert for content strategy and translation services. Otherwise, you might lose important details in the process to and from the SEO content strategist and the translator.

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