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The following should be our clue to indicate a drop-in list.

Many business owners have turned to Google up to and including Bing to obtain automatically generated translations of their existing website content. We call these automatic translations machine translations.

Machine translations have the benefit of being cheap. Unfortunately, they tend to generate mistakes that can be misleading for prospective clients. When Google observes that your users become confused and leave your website prematurely, they might lower your relevancy rating. This, in turn, will make it more difficult for future clients to find you.
Fortunately, an SEO expert with fluency in Spanish can help you avoid this pitfall and the unfortunate after-effects.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the primary considerations for any small law firm considering SEO. I work to ensure cost-effectiveness through something called spot submissions.
A spot submission is taking the glaringly obvious machine translation ‘errors’ and transforming them to fit the context and register. Submitting those to Google, the machine translation rendered on the page has less opportunity to trip a person up.

Why my services are cost-effective

There are different stages of combining the necessary digital materials to construct a thorough website together with effective SEO. Having the benefit of all this website structure knowledge is tough. Furthermore, being armed with this at the onset of website creation, is rare. Building upon the initial work, it is best to consider adding features to your web presence implementation as you and your company grow.

Significant considerations in integrating translations.

  • Is it global (we are not)
  • Is it local? (yes we are)
  • Do you need to have a Spanish version of everything?

On submitting targeted translations

We have the option to submit a sitemap that details the structure of the webpage, so why not clue-in a web search engine into the correct intent through flag-in-the-sand translation?

Examples of Pitfalls

Auto (machine) translated county website

Here is a translation example.

county website with translation offering

This is the featured and passively translated page.

Separately maintained translation

website few but solid translation options

Going with targeted translation is thorough but not cost-effective.

The above has few, but markedly solid offerings.

Why is this better? In the first website, we try to show the distinction in meaning:

“Things we have no problem with” is the resultant approximation in the attempt to machine-translate “Our facilities.” In this context search tool facilidades does not appear at all:

Catch the glaringly wrong machine translations, and have an SEO (as translator) submit those to relevant search engines.

All the best,