SEO considerations must be made for Criminal and Immigration court bound clients that speak a foreign language. Searches happen in Spanish, too.

Landscape of search

Amount of foreign born population in the United States in 2016 according to PEW Hispanic.

Spanish Speaking Client Searches

Why considering the spanish speaking population in SEO may be important

  • The Spanish-speaking reside here.
6.5k-9.3k Monthly Volume visualization
Moz: Abogado (es-US), 6.5k-9.3k Monthly Volume. Volume ranges show you (with 95% or more accuracy) how often a term or phrase is searched for in Google each month.

Keywords and Spanish-speaking searchers

Google Trends Vizualization for spanish words (Illinois) show searches for abogados and another term which historically, outside of search, has led to the use of "unauthorized consultants." For example, notario, is not a lawyer.

Other SEO-related considerations

  • Top results may lead to overseas results and even advice.
  • Confusion over the correct translation among searches (that which is meaningful, beyond literal) is an unaddressed barrier to legal services